Source code for ecoscope.base._dataclasses

import datetime
import typing
from dataclasses import dataclass, field

import geopandas
import shapely
import shapely.geometry

[docs]@dataclass class RelocsCoordinateFilter: """Filter parameters for filtering get_fixes based on X/Y coordinate ranges or specific coordinate values""" min_x: float = -180.0 max_x: float = 180.0 min_y: float = -90.0 max_y: float = 90.0 filter_point_coords: typing.Union[typing.List[typing.List[float]], geopandas.GeoSeries] = field( default_factory=[[0.0, 0.0]] )
[docs] def __post_init__(self): if isinstance(self.filter_point_coords, list): self.filter_point_coords = geopandas.GeoSeries( shapely.geometry.Point(coord) for coord in self.filter_point_coords )
[docs]@dataclass class RelocsDateRangeFilter: """ Filter parameters for filtering based on a datetime range """ start: datetime.datetime end: datetime.datetime
[docs]@dataclass class RelocsSpeedFilter: """ Filter parameters for filtering based on the speed needed to move from one fix to the next """ max_speed_kmhr: float = float("inf") temporal_order: str = "ASC"
[docs]@dataclass class RelocsDistFilter: """ Filter based on the distance between consecutive fixes. Fixes are filtered to the range [min_dist_km, max_dist_km]. """ min_dist_km: float = 0.0 max_dist_km: float = float("inf") temporal_order: str = "ASC"
[docs]@dataclass class TrajSegFilter: """ Class filtering a set of trajectory segment segments """ min_length_meters: float = 0.0 max_length_meters: float = float("inf") min_time_secs: float = 0.0 max_time_secs: float = float("inf") min_speed_kmhr: float = 0.0 max_speed_kmhr: float = float("inf")